Why a Pawn Shop?

Many customers ask how we got our start. Truth is, unemployment affected us just as it has many of our customers.

Tobey found himself without a job and a paycheck in March 2011, faced with what to do next. Discovering a growing need for short-term cash (and great deals) in Charlottesville, Tobey decided to try something different.

Let’s Make It Personal


Owner – tobey@tobeyspawn.com

Tobey is a doting husband and father of four.


Store Manager (W Main) – chad@tobeyspawn.com

He’s a Cornhusker and proud father of two girls.


Store Manager (W Rio) – rachel@tobeyspawn.com

Don’t let her pretty face fool you…she’s all business.


Pawnbroker (W Main) – jessica@tobeyspawn.com

If she’s not smiling, she must be sleeping…


Pawnbroker (W Rio)

We thought long and hard about what to say about Bill…


Pawn/ Digital Media – dustin@tobeyspawn.com

He’s the kind of guy every parent would want living in their basement.


Head of Barketing (W Main)

If he’s not chewing on a bone, he’s begging you to pet him.