What are the benefits of pawn?

  • Short-term: Pawns ideally last only a month or two, so it’s an easy way to hold yourself over until payday.
  • No credit reporting: Since pawn is a collateral-based loan system, there is no credit reporting involved. Even if you can’t pick up your pawn, it won’t count against your credit score.
  • Low-interest: Most loans work on a 10% + $3 interest fee per month, so if you pick up an item you received $100 for, all you pay is $113 at the time of redemption.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why would I pawn instead of sell?

Pawn provides a quick, simple way to get a short term loan. Pawn also allows you to leverage valuables you own without being forced to sell outright.

If I don't want to pawn, can I just sell what I have?

Yes! Absolutely. Usually anything we give a loan on we are also willing to buy.

How much can I get for my item?

Typically we give around 35% of resell value (based on an average price on eBay) for a loan and 50% if we are buying it. This excludes firearms and jewelry, of which we give the same amount regardless of whether it is a loan or a buy.

What items do you take?

Our two favorite items are firearms and jewelry (gold, silver, and platinum only). Other items we accept include tools, electronics, musical Instruments, and some collectibles.